Elation Lighting, Video For Rumba Room Live In Anaheim

December saw the opening of Rumba Room Live, an upscale Latin-themed nightclub and concert venue in Anaheim, California. Located at the Anaheim GardenWalk and built new from the ground up, the club, which features state-of-the-art Elation entertainment lighting and video systems, has energized the nightclub scene in Anaheim. The 10,000 square foot venue has the flexibility to host 1,000 people and hold a variety of events yet maintains a chic, intimate feel.

Working with the club’s architect and ownership to develop the design and look of the venue was Michael Betancourt, General Manager at Southern California-based Props AV, the production company that designed, supplied and installed the Elation lighting and video package. “When the Rumba Room Live project first came to the table the feel that they wanted to go for was a Latin-themed nightclub and live venue with a sexy Las Vegas feel,” Betancourt says. “It was a completely new idea for Anaheim. With that being said, the sexiness and the party needed to start on the exterior. Elation lighting features throughout the inside of the venue - lobby, dance floor and stage – but it is outside where the lighting makes its first impression.”

Downlighting the Rumba Room Live facade in a wash of customizable shades are 12 Elation SixPar 200IP™ color changers, weatherproof fixtures with 6-color LED multi-chips. They allow for a nearly infinite range of color choices, meaning the venue can tailor the outdoor look to match any event or express any mood or emotion. “We wanted to really create a sensual yet inviting look and the SixPars do the job perfectly,” stated Ramon Chavez, VP of Business Operations at the club, who helped oversee construction and operations. Betancourt adds that the SixPars were chosen not only for the vibrant colors they offer but for the punch they bring, alluding to the output from the fixture’s twelve 12-watt LEDs.

Stepping inside, the lighting scheme begins in the lobby where the interior glass is downlighted using 7 Elation one-meter long ELED QA Strips™ while Elation Flex LED Tape WP™ downlights the box office counter. The exterior and lobby areas are controlled by an Elation ART500™ touch-panel DMX wall controller, an easy to navigate control system with preset scenes for simple color changes.

Moving into the club, guests are greeted by a 4 x 3 LED screen made up of 12 Elation EZ4™ video panels, the first of four Elation LED screens in the venue. The EZ4 are high-resolution 4mm pixel pitch panels that create sharp, stunning imagery from only a few feet away. With an array of vivid colors and 1,200 Nits of brightness, they are ideal for running video and graphics. The entry screen at Rumba Room Live is controlled by via Arkaos Media Master and is used to display the club’s logo and images of upcoming events.

Guests then move into the all-important bar area where two bars are decorated with Elation Flex RGB LED tape, a tasteful design detail of color-changing light and a high-output yet energy-efficient decorative lighting solution. The versatile Flex RGB LED tape is also used to downlight platforms and floating walls in the club’s visually striking VIP areas, where Elation Elar Q1™ color-changing PAR lights, pixel mapped using Arkaos Media Master software, are used for stunning downlight effect. “The VIP areas are features that really stand out in the club,” Betancourt comments. “With over 50 Elation Elar Q1’s downlighting each VIP area, they pop the second you walk in.”

From the bar area, Elation Platinum Spot LED Pro II™ moving heads lead guests to the dance floor and stage, where the full impact of the visual scheme is felt. Most noticeably are three LED screens made up of 32 Elation EZ4 video panels - a large 7 x 4 center screen and two smaller 1 x 2 screens placed stage right and left. Control is again by an Arkaos Media Master.

Above the dance floor is a rig of 10 Platinum Spot LED Pro II™ moving heads, 8 Rayzor Q7™ LED moving heads, and 8 Rayzor Beam 2Rs™, small and fast color- and gobo-changing moving heads with more than enough power to cut through the other lighting. Also in the rig are 4 Sniper 2R™ multi-effect lights, Elation’s unique beam, scanner and laser simulator in one, as well as a pair of SixPar 200™ LED Par color changers. Accenting the DJ booth is decorative Flex RGB Led Tape.

For stage lighting, 12 compact Rayzor Q12 Zoom™ LED wash moving head lights work from a downstage position with 15 upstage SixPar 100™ LED Par lights and 6 Platinum Spot LED Pro II’s upstage and stage left and right. Used for upstage washes of even color are 12 CuePix Tri Strips™ with 8 Sniper 2Rs providing upstage effects. Flex RGB LED Tape is used to highlight the stage border and atmospheric effects come from a pair of Antari F-5D Fazers.

Rumba Room Live has enlivened the entertainment scene in Anaheim with a quality dose of Latin culture. The club’s formula of playing the best in Latin music while hosting live performances across a variety of genres has proved popular since opening late last year. 

14 x Elation SixPar 200IP™
7 x Elation ELED QA Strip™
15 x Elation SixPar 100™
12 x Elation Rayzor Q12Z™
8 x Elation Rayzor Q7™
20 x Elation Platinum Spot LED Pro II™
8 x Elation Rayzor Beam 2R™
12 x Elation Sniper 2R™
100+ rolls of Elation Flex RGB LED Tape™
30+ Elation Elar Driver 812™
378 x Elation Elar Q1™
40+ Elation Elar Q1 PSU™

44 x Elation EZ4™ LED video panels
2 x Elation VSC EPT video processors

Control Systems:
1 x Elation ART500™
1 x High End Nano Hog 4™
1 x Arkaos Media Master™
2 x Elation eNode 8 Pro™
3 x Elation Opto-Branch 8™
1 x Elation DVI-400™
4 x Global Truss IB-4053
3 x Global Truss SQ-4114
1 x Global Truss SQ-4111
4 x Global Truss Tube 5
4 x Global Truss Tube 1

2 x Antari F-5 Fazer™

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