Earn College Credit With UF@LDI 2014

Earn College Credit With [email protected] 2014

[email protected]: Earn College Credit From The University Of Florida On Four Essential Courses At LDI2014

LDI and the University of Florida School of Theatre and Dance have announced the second year of an exclusive program that allows undergraduate and graduate students from around the world to take four professional training courses at LDI2014 in Las Vegas. These courses carry university credits that will be accepted by the students’ home institutions towards their degree programs.

The courses in the [email protected] program (identified with the UF logo) each carry UF undergraduate and/or graduate credit. All students who enroll in these courses for credit through UF must be currently enrolled in an accredited university worldwide, and provide a valid student ID (and professionals can register for the same courses at www.ldishow.com through the LDInstitute as of early August 2014).

The four [email protected] courses/student prices:

L25 • Projection 101 - The Basics
Tuesday, November 18, 9:30am-5:30pm
3.5 ETCP Renewal Credits

[email protected] Course

TPA4930 Special Topics, Section 148D TPA4930
$332 • 2 undergraduate credits

This one-day crash-course in the world of theatrical projection and video focuses on explaining the history and current usage of film and video in theatre, and also touches upon its use in other settings. We'll talk about prominent designers working today, what they use, and about their processes.
Taught by Jake Pinholster, projection designer, director and professor of Media Design at the ASU School of Theatre and Film

L35 • Entertainment Rigging Fundamentals
Wednesday-Thursday, November 19-20, 9:30am-5:30pm
14 ETCP Renewal Credits
Class Limit: 40

[email protected] Course

• TPA4930 Special Topics, Section 148G TPA4930
$498 • 3 undergraduate credits

• THE6950 Applied Theatre, Section 16BA THE6950
$498 • 1 graduate credit

This two-day, in-depth rigging course focuses on the essentials of entertainment rigging applications for theatres, concert halls, studios, churches, and schools. 
Taught by: Eric Rouse, technical director, Denver Center Theatre Company, ETCP certified rigger, ETCP recognized trainer

L36 • Rigging for Aerial Acrobatics, Circus, and Dance: Advanced Topics
Wednesday-Thursday, November 19-20, 9:30am - 5:30pm
OFF SITE AT PRG LAS VEGAS (lunch and transportation provided)
14 ETCP Renewal Credits
Class Limit 30

[email protected] Course

• TPA 4930 Special Topics, Section 1472 TPA4930
$498 • 3 undergraduate credits

• THE6950 Applied Theatre, Section 16BG THE6950
$498 • 1 graduate credit

This intensive hands-on, participatory workshop will focus on principles and practices of rigging for circus, acrobatic, and aerial dance performance.

Taught by: Jonathan Deull and Delbert Hall, ETCP Recognized Trainers with extensive specialized experience rigging for aerial performance

L42 • Electrics Hands-On Workshop for Production Electricians & Technicians
Thursday, November 20, 9:30am - 5:30pm
 7 ETCP Renewal Credits
[email protected] Course

• TPA 4930 Special Topics, Section 1482 TPA4930
$332 • 2 undergraduate credits

Build your knowledge of electricity and power distribution by building a portable power distribution system. This hands-on workshop will explain best practices for the safe construction and operation of portable power using distros and live equipment.

Taught by: Richard Cadena, ETCP recognized trainer

“This program widens the educational opportunities for students to learn skills not available on their campus and earn University credits towards their degree.” - Stan Kaye, Head of Design and Production, University of Florida

“The University of Florida and LDI share a common goal of leadership. Through this partnership, we renew our commitment to education and the lighting industry.” - Lucinda Lavelli, Dean, University of Florida

To register online for these courses to receive University of Florida credit: http://tinyurl.com/pzb7jgz (using course numbers and section numbers as indicated above). For detailed directions on how to register, please email Professor Stan Kaye at [email protected].

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