DJ Shadow Uses XL Video For Renegades Of Rhythm Tour

Continuing their long-term working relationship, XL Video have supplied a compact and versatile projection package for DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist’s ‘Renegades of Rhythm’ European tour.

XL Video Project Manager, Jay Mobbs-Beal worked with Manager & Production Manager, Jamal Chalabi, to create the video specification for the tour.

The shows, which spanned across Europe from the UK over to Estonia and Lithuania, featured a projection backdrop flown behind the DJ booth. With varying venue sizes, XL Video supplied two different screen types for the tour – one 4.8m wide by 2.7m high, and a smaller 4.3m x 2.4m screen.

For the projection, XL Video supplied two Panasonic PT-DZ 10k projectors, one live and one backup, and a 0.8 lens and 0.36 short throw lens which were alternated dependent on venue and screen size. XL are also supplying the 0.36 lens for the continuation of the tour as it visits Australia during March.

The content for the tour was created by video director, multimedia producer and regular Shadow collaborator, Ben Stokes, and harks back to the early days of breakbeats, hip hop and electro funk. This ties in perfectly with the fact that the vinyl being spun by DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist on the tour are Afrika Bambaataa’s own discs – the original cuts used by The Godfather himself!

Jay Mobbs-Beal comments: “XL Video have worked with DJ Shadow for over a decade now. The visuals for his shows create the backdrop for the music, and in this case the projection needed to be bright and sharp to bring the old skool graphics to life.”

Photos:  Darren Bandoo

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