Audio Cohesion At The Grammy Awards

Michael Abbott, the audio producer for the Grammy Awards, on using a Cohesion System at this year's Grammys. 


Some stats about Cohesion from Clair Global:

  • Cohesion is the most-chosen PA system by major touring artists 
  • 40% of the top-20 grossing artists (according to Pollstar data) used Cohesion systems 
  • An unrivaled combination of output, bandwidth, small form factor, and low weight and industry-leading SPL density 
  • Smaller and lighter than other products of comparable output and/or bandwidth 
  • Higher output and broader bandwidth than other products of comparable size and/or weight 
  • The high output and small form factor results in systems that enable better sightlines for audience members and less obstruction for cameras 
  • The CP 218 II+ subwoofers are self-powered with 9000W of onboard power, delivering an industry-leading 146 dB of maximum output 
  • Very high-efficiency centrally located MF and HF devices that collectively enter a proprietary large format waveguide system with a pair of very high output LF devices 
  • Very broad horizontal control, precision in refining vertical pattern control, and consistent off-axis response 
The GRAMMY Awards Celebration

Cohesion was previously the private brand for Clair Global’s rental division and has been deployed on tours of artists as diverse as Bad Bunny, Eagles, Journey, Garth Brooks, Phish, The Weeknd, Iron Maiden, and U2.