City Theatrical to Demo New Tech at Cine Gear Expo Atlanta 2019

QolorFLEX HiQ High CRI LED Tapes - 3200K, 6000K. 2700-6500K.jpg

City Theatrical will be demonstrating new technology for the film industry in Booth 121 at Cine Gear Atlanta Expo at Pinewood Atlanta Studios in Fayetteville, Georgia from October 4, 2019 to October 5, 2019.

City Theatrical new technology demonstrations will include QolorFLEX® HiQ High CRI LED Tape, an ideal high CRI LED tape for the needs of the film industry that is among the newest of the 45+ LED tapes in the QolorFLEX brand of LED tape, dimmers, and accessories. QolorFLEX HiQ High CRI LED Tape has a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 95 and is available in three types, 3200K, 6000K, and 2700-6500K in a single chip. QolorFLEX HiQ High CRI LED Tape offers exceptional on-camera color rendition and the ability to match the light sources already being used on film and video sets. 

Other QolorFLEX demonstrations available at the expo will include QolorFLEX 5-in-1 LED Tape, RGBACW, QolorFLEX UV LED Tape, QolorFLEX NuNeon™, QolorPIX® Pixel Controlled LED Tape, and QolorFLEX Dimmers.

VIDEO: Introducing GDTF & MVR

Meet the open file format that’s revolutionizing entertainment industry workflows.

Together, GDTF and MVR are a free open standard file format that ensures lighting fixtures work the first time, every time. This non-proprietary data exchange keeps changes synchronized, whether it’s moving from CAD to console or from console back to CAD. Watch our video to learn more.

City Theatrical demonstrations at Cine Gear Atlanta Expo will also include award-winning Multiverse® wireless DMX/RDM technology. Multiverse marks the fifth generation of City Theatrical's engineering development for wireless DMX technology. The Multiverse system can deliver more data while reducing the amount of radio energy required for wireless DMX by as much as 90%, enabling scalability never possible before in the film industry.

Multiverse Transmitter 900MHz 2.4GHz - Model 5910 - Mounted.JPG

The Multiverse Transmitter (P/N 5910) delivers multiple universe control that opens a new world in wireless DMX/RDM. Its Ethernet input allows it to take in Streaming ACN (sACN) or Art-Net and to transmit up to nine user-selectable universes of DMX/RDM.  The Multiverse Transmitter also has a Bluetooth radio receiver built in that allows it to communicate with the DMXcat® Multi Function Test Tool app from the user’s smartphone. This gives the user smartphone control of any lighting fixture that is part of the Multiverse setup, whether it is a lighting fixture with a Multiverse Module inside, a lighting fixture receiving its data from a Multiverse Node or Multiverse SHoW Baby®, or any wired fixture downstream of those devices.

The Multiverse Node (P/N 5902) offers single universe plug and play simplicity as a transceiver. As a single universe transmitter, it functions in a similar plug and play manner to the Multiverse SHoW Baby but contains two radios (900MHz and 2.4GHz) and a full user interface, with four buttons and a backlit LED display. As a receiver, the Multiverse Node is the primary single universe standalone receiver in the Multiverse system and can be part of a larger multi-universe setup.

Other Multiverse products available for demonstration at Cine Gear Atlanta Expo include Multiverse Module (for OEM partners), Multiverse SHoW Baby, and QolorPIX Tape Controller.

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