Chauvet Professional On All That Remains Touring Stage

SUNRISE, FL– Anyone who’s ever been to an All That Remains concert knows that this band projects a larger than life image on stage with its fast and heavy death metal rifts, bouncing movements and audience interaction. LD Peter Therrien of JDI Productions has been doing the group’s big persona justice on the its current Charming America Tour with a lightshow that serves up huge helpings of brightness, color and sweeping motions.

Unfortunately, the outsized performance of the band and its dazzling lightshow often take place on stages that are decidedly cramped for space. Therrien isn’t worried though, because he’s been able to conjure up big time lighting impact in even the tightest quarters thanks to some help from Legend moving fixtures from CHAUVET Professional.

At every stop on the national Charming America Tour, the LD arranges a group of Legend 412 RGBW moving washes on the downstage edge and another group on the riser behind the drummer to cover the stage with sweeping colors. The number of Legends positioned in each spot will vary from venue to venue, as some stages are half the size as others, but the end result is always the same.

“Regardless of how many Legends we use, they make the stage look bigger because of their movement and rich colors,” said Therrien. “We use some other bars and panels for bright eye candy, but the Legends lend bigness to the stage. They give us an excellent and colorful overall wash, plus we get nice beam looks out of them too. All That Remains members like to go up on ego risers; when they do we’ll have the Legend’s perform spotting functions. They’re very versatile lights.”

This versatility is critically important, not just from a performance standpoint, but also from a practical one, especially when you’re crisscrossing North America making 50 tour dates in four months. There’s a “functional side” of being a touring LD, notes Therrien, which makes you appreciate not only how well a fixture performs, but how easy it is to work with too.

“The Legends are great for my purposes on the road,” said Therrien. “They give me a lot of impact, but they don’t take up a lot of space. This isn’t only important on stage, it helps for traveling too. I can put ten of these fixtures in one road case, which is much appreciated when you’re traveling in a bus with a trailer.”

Aside from being small, Therrien’s Legend fixtures are also lightweight, an attribute that is deeply appreciated by the LD between sets when All That Remains tours with other groups. “We may have only 20 minutes between sets to change the lighting rig,” said Therrien. “At times like that, you appreciate being able to carry two Legends at a time.”

Quick teardowns are just one of the challenges of life on the road for Therrien. Early in the tour, All That Remains released a new CD that took off on iTunes. The group decided to add songs from this collection to its set list when they were traveling between venues. They had the LD listen to the new songs as the bus travelled down the highway in the early hours of the morning.

Therrien sketched his ideas on paper as he listened to the new music. When the bus arrived at the next stop, the LD went to the venue, worked on his computer and added new design ideas to his Hog 3. “You have to be flexible on tour, because you never know what’s going to come up,” he said. “This is why you need tools that are flexible too.”

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