Changes In Leadership For Auerbach & Associates, Inc.

Changes In Leadership For Auerbach & Associates, Inc.

(lL to R) Steve Friedlander, Len Auerbach, and Patricia Glasow. Courtesy of Auerbach + Associates, Inc.

S. Leonard Auerbach, FASTC, IALD, MIES, Founder, and President, announces changes in the leadership of Auerbach Pollock Friedlander and Auerbach Glasow French that reflect the firm’s growth and future development. Steven Friedlander, ASTC, MIES, will assume the position of President, and Patricia Glasow IALD, MIES, LC, will become Executive Vice President. Len will continue as Chairman of the Board and Director of Design, concentrating on project design now that his administrative responsibilities will be reduced. Steve Polluck, Vice President, ASTC; Larry French, FIALD, MIES, LC; Michael McMackin, ASTC; Paul Garrity; Tom Neville, ASTC; and Kenneth R. Fause will continue their current Principal roles. The firm’s administrative headquarters will remain in San Francisco with Patrick Markle continuing as Chief Administrative Officer.

“The success of our firm has been based on innovation and practicality, which has fostered many historic developments in both theatre and architectural lighting design. I am proud of being surrounded by colleagues of exceptional talent and dedication,” says Len Auerbach. “The synergy we have developed during the years of working together will continue as we expand our horizons domestically and internationally. Steve and Patty’s promotions will allow me to continue to personally work with our clients as I have always done and devote more of my time to focus on design.”

Originally founded by S. Leonard Auerbach in 1972, the practice has developed from a small regional entity to an internationally recognized firm with an extensive portfolio of projects. With offices in San Francisco, New York, and Minneapolis, Auerbach Polluck Friedlander is a leading performing arts/theatre and media facilities planning & design firm; and Auerbach Glasow French is at the forefront of architectural lighting design. Inspired by its clients and their projects, the firm’s team of consultants and support staff continues to embody the spirit of collaboration and innovation.

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