Ben Peoples Industries Announces CineMiranda Remote Lighting Controller

(Ben Peoples Industries)

Ben Peoples Industries introduces the CineMiranda, with revolutionary features that allow you to configure, program and run cues on your lighting system from anywhere with an internet connection. 

CineMiranda was developed during the pandemic, to meet the rapidly changing needs of lighting designers in theatre, TV and film.  Performers, designers, technicians and audiences are isolated at home, and producing organizations want to deliver the high production values their audiences expect, without bringing their teams and patrons together in one place.  CineMiranda solves that problem.

This 2-universe DMX lighting controller can be controlled and programmed over the internet, allowing your LD to operate remotely, from anywhere in the world.  Capable of controlling up to 300
fixtures, it is also lightweight and affordable enough to use on smaller systems with just a few lights.

CineMiranda’s flexible system offers a variety of programming and configuration options including: fully programmable cues; simple snapshots with programmable fade times; and the ability to sync multiple units together, even if not on the same network.  The free Miranda Programmer software lets you program from any computer, and the sACN bridge features gives you the ability to use your existing lighting controller as well.

CineMiranda is portable, rugged, shippable, and easy to deploy: the only on-site requirement is connecting it to the internet, and it typically requires no firewall rules or specific network configurations. Once CineMiranda is online, all other setup, configuration and programming can be done from afar.

For more information, and for examples of CineMiranda controllers in action, visit the Ben Peoples Industries website at

Ben Peoples Industries is a Pittsburgh-based controls manufacturer behind the Horatio monitoring system the Prospero DMX cue light controller (a Broadway favorite), and the Miranda lighting control system.

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