Be Heard: Take The LACE Survey Of Workforce Demographics

Make your voice heard this fall! The Live Arts, Culture and Entertainment (LACE) Survey shines a light on all the work we do in our industry, and beyond. This five-minute survey is available for everyone starting now. Join the survey here.

Millions of Americans like us are employed in the fields of live events, but our work is often hidden. This survey addresses that hidden labor by learning more about workers themselves. The LACE Survey is for anyone who works in the performing arts, themed entertainment, museums, exhibitions, parade floats, haunted attractions, live music concerts, houses of worship, retail experiences, immersive environments, living history sites, or other live events in the arts, culture or entertainment. Funded by USITT and The Ohio State University, the LACE Survey serves as a companion to USITT’s 2021 survey of workforce demographics. (More information on last year’s survey is available here study portal.)

Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, Pittsburgh, PA. Photo by Joey Kennedy
(Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, Pittsburgh, PA. Photo by Joey Kennedy)

The LACE Survey will provide an opportunity to better understand the workforce across these industries based on self-reported data from individual participants. Helping create a more equitable, diverse, inclusive and accessible industry is the goal of many organizations, but we can't measure progress without knowing where we are right now. This study does not collect any personally identifying information and all data is maintained securely and anonymously by SMU DataArts, the National Center for Arts Research at Southern Methodist University.