The ASTC and USITT Student/Consultant Venue Renovation Challenge

The ASTC and USITT Student/Consultant Venue Renovation Challenge

ASTC and USITT announce a collaborative regional project which will culminate in a panel presentation at the USITT 2014 Annual Conference in Fort Worth, March 26th to March 29th. Student members of USITT will work with ASTC member theatre consultants in their areas. They will select a space on the students’ campus as the subject of a theoretical renovation. The student/consultant team will tour the selected space, study and discuss the existing conditions and current use. Through a collaborative and interactive process, the students and consultant will develop a plan for the potential renovation of the subject space for an actual or fictitious performing arts program of the team’s choice. The conceptual renovation plan may focus on any aspects of the space to achieve a specific objective or objectives. Some possibilities for renovation concepts are:

• Functional improvements to an existing theatre
• Meet the needs of a particular production
• Conversion of non-performance space into a performance space
• Create a new type of theatre form

The final proposal may be presented via electronic display, graphic boards, and/or models. There are no budget constraints for the conceived renovation. An ASTC jury will award $750 to the team presenting best Challenge solution. ASTC and USITT look forward to wide-spread participation, dynamic interactive presentations and lively discussion at the annual conference. A special session will be held to showcase the concepts, space and time TBD. For more information or to participate, please contact Mike McMackin, ASTC at or Christine Troscher, USITT A $250 travel stipend will be provided and conference registration fees will be waived for the first four students who request financial assistance. The four students must be on separate teams. Applications and Challenge submissions are to be sent to the email addresses above.

Applications Due: December 21, 2013

Submissions Due: February 15, 2014

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