Alon Shnaiderman Powers Eden Hason With ChamSys MagicQ MQ500M Stadium Console

NEW YORK – At times during his performances on his recent arena tour of the US Israeli superstar Eden Hason seemed to be elevated in space as if he were seeking to connect himself and the audience to some higher, more hopeful meaning. It was an apt metaphor for these times, which is exactly what the singer and his lighting designer, Alon Shnaiderman hoped to create when they worked on the vision for this show together.

“The concept of the performance design was built by me together with my client,” said Shnaiderman. “We met and began to bring his personal place onto the stage. There was a hopeful, positive message he wanted to say to the audience, we broadcast this through the design.”

In keeping with this vision, the singer and his lighting designer sought to create an uplifting mood. “We wanted to give the impression of levitation, that the whole element floats and gives a feeling in space,” said Shnaiderman. “This was key to the story Eden wanted to tell.”

Relying on 20 automated hoists, Shnaiderman created multiple layers of light to change perspectives during the two-hour concert. Over 340 lighting fixtures, one thousand meters of neon strips and 12 fog machines provided him with myriad options to create a wide range of looks. He availed himself of these opportunities with great skill in his 120-univese show, calling forth a broad palette of hues, from monochromatic purples and passionate reds, to multi-colored rainbows that evoked a range of moods.

At times he created very intimate looks with subtle washes and tightly focuses spots, while at others, he used the runway that was connected to his open stage to set a more glamorous tone.

Helping Shnaiderman accomplish this in his time-coded show was his ChamSys MagicQ MQ500M Stadium console. “I really love this console because of its logical layout and user-friendly features,” he said. “With a timecoded show such as this one, the MQ500M is truly an invaluable tool.”

Shnaiderman found the MagicVis 3D Visualiser easy to work with and helpful in the way it allowed him to render effects clearly. Another thing he appreciated was how his console made it easy to work with groups of fixtures. It also helped him make fast focuses and good locking positions.

In addition to relying on the MagicQ MQ500M Stadium, Shnaiderman was able to count on the support of talented colleagues, beginning with Sarit Production Ltd., screen designer ACX Studio, and VJ Moshe Baskin. AV supplier Sincopa also made critical contributions as did stage director Mor  Shlomovitz, along with stage manager Itaar and Udi Bar Shavit and Ruth Tzarfati.

The Eden Hason tour was indeed a massive undertaking that required the work of many hands, but ultimately, it also raised many spirits. 

About ChamSys

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