Act Now: All Prices For LDI 2023 Go Up At Midnight On October 14

Why wait? LDI's comprehensive pro-training program offers over 200 classes and sessions for all aspects of the live events industry. Register now and make a smart investment in your future.

This includes everything from the small, in-depth, often hands-on classes in the LDInstitute...many of which carry renewal credits for certified ETCP riggers and electricians... or take you to the cutting edge of design and technology.

With over 150 sessions, this year's LDInnovation Conference is the most inclusive ever!

Don't miss the ground-breaking sessions at XLIVExLDI...keeping you apace with hot new developments.

And there's the all new Stage & Event Management sessions presented in collaboration with the Stage Managers' Association.

Plus three enticing Keynotes by Cheryl Catterall from Moment Factory; Laura Frank from frame:work; and Brian Loo from Meow Wolf.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg.. get out your compass and go exploring at to find the registration options that will take you on a journey to brave new worlds.

Now is the time - all prices go up at midnight on Saturday, October 14. Be smart and save up to $100.