31 Days Of Plots: Pigeons Playing Ping Pong

Live Design's fourth annual 31 Days Of Plots features one production per day during the month of December 2021, highlighting a different lighting design, from across theatre, concert tours, corporate events, live for broadcast, and more, as we wind down 2021 and head toward the new year.









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"The other two sets were on the mid stage truss," Newman adds. "This gave us a nice expanded look with more depth and from certain angles it looks like wings to fit the vibe for Pigeons Playing Ping Pong. For the ground package I put 12 Martin Quantum Profiles, four Chauvet R2 Wash as our side wash, and two Chauvet COLORado Solo Batten’s for our stage props. I chose Quantum Profiles because they have precise color mixing and gobo fade which allows me to index through gobos smoothly from scene to scene. The movements are all very smooth with slow rise path so the fixtures never jump and everything is graceful."

Take a peek:

Lighting Gear List

Fixtures provided by: Harford Sound

18 Chauvet R1 Wash

4 Chauvet R2 Wash

2 Chauvet COLORAdo Solo Batten 

12 Martin Quantum Profiles

10 Martin Atomic 3K LED

12 Robe LEDBeam 150

2 Base Haze

Photos without watermark by Kendall McCargo

Photos with watermark by Josh Brick

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