The “New” Soft Shoe


If you read last year’s LDI Daily show coverage, then you know I was out in the trenches, wearing my boots to the bone while covering formidable new product releases from entertainment manufacturers. With that in mind, and unable to resist any pun at any time, a new, kinder, more gentle journalist named Bruce agreed to add his two bits to Live Design’s online show coverage of the show this year.

Entering the LDI show floor can be somewhat like viewing your first laser planetarium, as the senses are pummeled by 360 degrees of incredible technology. Whether one is in the market for LEDs, automated fixtures, widgets, sound, or video, it can be found in the halls of LDI, the one US-based show that brings it all together. In my typical, understated style, I’ll be tipping you off to a variety of hot products from various manufacturers you can visit at LDI. So, if you’re as much a glutton for punishment as I am, read on, and see what you’ll be missing if you don’t make it to Vegas! I commence with an offering largely slanted toward the ever-expanding universe of LED related products.

Chauvet is unleashing a variety of LED-fitted products at LDI 2008 with broad-based architectural, stage, production, and retail applications. The COLORado 6, an automated and upgraded IP66-rated version of the COLORado 3 wash bank, features 108 LEDs arranged in three concentric circles, and includes full RGB mixing and full DMX-512 addressability. The COLORado 2, a bigger version of the COLORado 1, adds white LEDs for more precise color temperature control.

The COLORado Batten 80i, a tough, RGBW intelligent color strip, is designed to meet the rigorous demands of the stage and production markets. With control modes that vary from 3 to 80 channels, it delivers exceptional light washes with a 4.2 billion-color palette ranging from delicate pastels to rich, deeply saturated hues. A total of 80 high-intensity 2W LEDs produce stunning output with adjustable preset color temperatures.

The COLORdash Batten, a compact LED bank system, can be used as a cyclorama, border, or strip light. The Q Spot LED 250, a white LED-fitted spot moving head with 6-watt LEDs, offers the luminosity of a 250W discharge lamp.

The Legend 6500, a 14-channel intelligent LED moving yoke with full RGBW mixing capability, was introduced as a prototype at LDI 2007; it is now shipping and in stock. Distinguishing features include adjustable color temperatures, the capability to trigger instant color changes, and color consistency ensured by tight binning requirements. And last, but not least, the Legend 4500 RGBW wash is a scaled down version of the Legend 6500, with an output that surpasses a 700W HID fixture in certain segments of the color spectrum!


BlissLights, Inc. announced they will debut several new products at the show. This is of particular interest to me, because my favorite cat now has her own Laserstars Projector (see The Laserist Magazine, Summer 2008)! The bigger, more potent BlissLights® are a unique and innovative new approach to creating tranquil and calming indoor and outdoor lighting effects. The product has been used in large-scale installations in amusement parks, home theatres, restaurants, hotels, museums, and many other applications. Powered by coherent light passing through a patent pending optical system, BlissLights casts thousands of twinkling stars across any surface to create a breathtaking lighting experience.

The new SubZero architectural landscape model functions to 15 degrees below zero and comes cased in a sleek, moisture-proof solid-brass housing that easily integrates into any 12-volt outdoor lighting system. The SubZero is perfect for Christmas and holiday lighting and like all of the BlissLights products, features hassle-free, plug-n-play installation. BlissLights’ UV405 projector represents a new frontier in combining laser projection systems with UV reactive surfaces. With the UV405 and fluorescent fabrics, dyes, or paints, nearly any surface can be used to interact with UV lighting to create a full rainbow of colored stars on any surface.



Luminus Devices claims to manufacture the world’s brightest commercially available LED, appropriately called PhlatLight. The company recently received $72 million in capital to expand the business from LCD TVs to include lighting for avionics displays, entertainment, medical, architectural, retail, and automotive.

With their extraordinary brightness and long lifetime, PhlatLight LEDs are a viable replacement for metal halide lamps and color filter gels in high-powered wash lights and spot lights. The multi primary color source results in a high color-rendering index.

PhlatLight will never burn out, eliminating bulb replacement and greatly reducing the environmental impact of discarding mercury-filled light bulbs into landfills or trash transfer stations. Luminus will also be presenting "The evolution and future of LED lighting" during LDI on Oct. 26 from 1-2.