New Products

NEC VT770 Projector

NEC Solutions (America), Inc. has introduced the VT770, the first projector in its class to attain 3000 ANSI lumens at under 8 lbs. The new product is NEC's first to combine the performance of an installation projector with the lightweight, ease of use, and affordability of the company's VT Series projectors.

With one-touch setup and operation, automatic vertical keystone correction for instantly square images, color-coded inputs, and built-in wall color correction presets for easy setup on non-white surfaces, the VT770 is versatile and easy to operate. NEC's 3D Reform technology enables the projector to be positioned in off-center locations and still achieve a square image. Extensive picture and color management capabilities let users tailor the projected image to meet personal preferences.

The VT770 includes NEC's security innovations designed to prevent unauthorized access and deter theft, including password protection, control panel lock, logo capture, and a PC-card protection key. It also features an input/ output panel including HDTV and SDTV compatibility, and built-in 5W × 2 speakers.

The new projector also includes both PC card and USB storage device slots, giving presenters the ability to download presentations to the projector without a laptop. In addition, the projector offers aspect ratio control for display of both 16:9 and 4:3 sources, and VORTEX Technology Plus for superior data and video display quality.

NEC's VT770 is backed by a two-year limited parts and labor warranty including one year of coverage by the company's industry-leading InstaCare® program providing three-business-day repair and return or next-business-day replacement.


AV Stumpfl Wings Platinum Software

Multi-media software Wings Platinum by AV Stumpfl Show Control Technology now gives users the option of exporting a show as an executable presentation file that contains player software. To play back the show, the CD/DVD-ROM of the show only needs to be inserted into the drive of a current Windows computer and the presentation will immediately start at high image quality. For playback of high-resolution images, Wings Platinum uses hardware acceleration for 3D-graphics cards, which are more or less standard components in all types of computers.

After completing the show, the user now has the choice between output of high-resolution images as AVI and MPEG video, or as an executable EXE presentation to be started on any computer by just double-clicking it. The presentation file contains the necessary player software and all the images to be shown. Copy protection prevents unauthorized usage of images by third parties when passed on. The presentation supports all features for still pictures available in Wings Platinum, including camera movements and zooms as well as picture effects and perfectly synchronized stereo sound.

There are also some interesting options for playback of EXE presentations. The author can program Speaker Support shows by means of pause markers or continuous loop playback via jump markers. Moreover, it is also possible to add an autoplay function to the CD/DVD-ROM. By the way, the player also checks the computer during start-up and updates Windows multi-media interfaces on demand.


RGB Spectrum WCP Software

RGB Spectrum has introduced a new mode of operation for its multiple window display processors with the release of Web Control Panel (WCP) software. WCP is a standard, built-in feature in RGB Spectrum's latest generation of display processors, the QuadView® XL and the DualView XL. It provides simple, intuitive control of these processors' full array of display capabilities with easy “click and drag” and push button operation.

WCP is activated through any standard web browser via direct-to-PC 10/100 BaseT Ethernet connection or Ethernet local area network (LAN) connection, which offers the ability to remotely configure and operate the display processor.

WCP offers user-customizable display configuration presets and simple button controls for zoom, pan, stretch, and more. The “Virtual Screen” controls display window configuration, input source selection, and window prioritization. Users can size and position any display window by simply clicking and dragging. WCP's customizable display-presets store and recall user-defined window size, position, and image controls, adjustments, and preferences.

The Web Control Panel supports all of the QuadView XL's and DualView XL's display capabilities, including dynamic positioning and resizing of display windows, smooth zooms and pans, fades, custom borders, window titling, freeze, and user-selectable colored and shaded backgrounds. Each input can be independently sized and positioned anywhere on the screen, as well as panned and zoomed to emphasize particular areas of interest. Display alternatives are virtually infinite, and include side-by-side split screen, picture-in-picture, overlapping windows, and full screen display of any input.


Projected Image Digital D Switch, D-Switch Pro

Digital media server and content specialists Projected Image Digital have launched two new products from D-Tek Industries: the D-Switch and the D-Switch Pro. Both are designed to aid the growing creative convergence between visual production mediums like lighting and video. The D-Series products have been developed to give lighting designers the power and flexibility to control the video elements of their show.

The D-Switch unit switches four synchronized (genlocked) video signals to a single video output via DMX512 lighting control protocol. Various video sources, e.g., video, DVDs, or cameras, can switch between, and output to, a single video feed to a video projector or LED wall. The switching is controlled by a DMX512 lighting console using only a single channel to select between the user's four video sources and black out. The unit also features a manual selection mode and an automatic chase function.

The D-Switch Pro allows the switching of four synchronized (genlocked) video signals to four video outputs via the DMX512 lighting control protocol. Four video sources can switch between, matrix to, and output to four video feeds — either projectors or LED walls. The switching is controlled by a DMX512 lighting console using four DMX channels to select the four video outputs from the four sources, plus a black out function. The unit also features a manual selection mode and an automatic chase function.


Christie Digital LX38 Portable Projector

Christie Digital has introduced the LX37, a compact, portable projector in the 1.3" LCD projector class. Combining superior image quality, the latest in progressive scan video decoding, and easy out-of-the-box set-up, the LX37 is ideal for fixed installations such as houses of worship.

The LX37 delivers 3,700 ANSI lumens brightness with native XGA resolution (1024 × 768) and a contrast ratio of 900:1. The LX37 provides low cost of ownership and affordable brilliance from its long-life 300W NSH lamp. The 18.5lbs (8.4kg) LX37 is designed for flexible set-up anywhere with a broad range of connectivity options and lenses. The projector's vertical lens shift and choice of five lenses (a short throw 0.8:1 fixed lens and four zoom lenses including an ultra-long 4.3-6.0:1 lens) project images up to 33 ft (10m) diagonally.

Featuring the latest progressive-scan video decoding with automatic 3:2 pull-down, the LX37 projects artifact-free images from a broad range of video formats including HDTV. The pixel-specific, on-board color management system allows the user to adjust color shades independent of tint and contrast when producing the perfect image. To secure against theft and vandalism, the LX37 features software lockout on the keypad or remote control.