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Join us and learn to define the steps needed to build a virtual model for the purpose of lighting and rendering. Vectorworks lighting objects will be used during this webinar with the model in association with Renderworks to communicate lighting functions such as Focus, Modeling, Information, and Mood to other members of the design team. Finally, you will learn practical applications of these concepts to determine fixture location and selection.

Kieran Illes, LC, I.E.S.N.A, ETCP - President - KCI Design

During this webcast, you'll learn to:

  • Illustrate the steps to model a real 1960’s glass and wood modern house built on a sound stage using construction drawings and building dimensions with 17’ ceilings.
  • Identify optimum fixture locations based on fixture access and resultant beam angle and intensity.
  • Explore ideal angle, intensity, direction, and spread to show sunbeams in the interior and exterior, then calculate the necessary level of ambience using Spotlight tools.
  • Visualize the set at different times of the day based on the path of the sun from the house’s actual location using Renderworks’ camera views.