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Mitch Schellenger Blends Nexus With Nature On Third Eye Blind Tour

SUNRISE, FL – It is one of the most unusual and unforgettable sights in nature. If conditions are just right, a green dot will flash over the horizon just before the sun rises or sets. Scientists call this optical phenomenon a “Green Flash.” Few people have been fortunate enough to see one, but fans who turned out for Third Eye Blind’s 2014 Spring/Summer Tour were treated to an LED replication of this natural wonder, courtesy of LD Mitch Schellenger of and some Nexus 4x4 COB LED panels from CHAUVET Professional, provided by 4Wall Entertainment Lighting.

Like the natural phenomenon that inspired it, Schellenger’s dazzling green flash was instantaneous, lasting for only a second to coincide with a distinct drum hit from 3eb percussionist Brad Hargreaves. “If you blink, you would miss it,” said the LD.

Schellenger’s green flash also shared something else with its natural counterpart; it was part of a bigger, beautiful and totally transformative lightscape. Working closely with 3eb frontman Stephan Jenkins, the LD created a richly textured design that reflected the visual progression of an evening sunset. Like an element of nature itself, the lightshow worked to perfection on outdoor stages during the group’s summer festival tour.

Using a rig that included 22 Nexus 4x4 LED panels and other fixtures provided by 4Wall Entertainment Lighting, Schellenger limited his design to sunset colors like CTOs, ambers, and rich oranges to create a warm lighting scheme that complemented the ambient light outside.

“The color scheme was very warm with CTO, amber, and some deep orange. The only exception was one special cue (green flash). The inspiration behind this show was a setting sun and the optical phenomenon of a green flash,” said the LD. “We played off of that inspiration throughout the entire show, all the way to the last cue with a drum hit and the ‘green flash’ ending the show. Even with such a specific set of palette demands, the 4x4s were able to handle the colors I was creating and gave me the desired result.”

Schellenger ran the Nexus panels at 100% at the start of each show to “compete with the summer sun.” As the concert progressed and the sun set, he decreased the intensity of the show along with the color temperature, changing the colors from “harsh amber” to a “pretty orange. “

“This all takes place as the actual sun sets behind the crowd,” he explained. “The panels were also turned out during very soft parts of the sets and snapped back on with impact.

I knew I would be bitmapping with the Nexus unit, controlling each individual pixel. I also knew I would need the use of the warm white LED, due to our particular color scheme for this tour. The 53ch mode allowed me to do both of these techniques effectively and made programming a snap.”

The Nexus panels were also used to silhouette the performers at different points during the concert. “Third Eye Blind likes harsh and mysterious light,” said the LD. “While accomplishing a new look for this tour, I wanted to incorporate the shadow effect from their motto ‘Born in Shadow.’ Silhouettes and front light created a unique look of warmth, while keeping visual continuity for fans that have seen other Third Eye shows.” Judging from the reaction of fans and everyone associated with the tour, Schellenger succeeded in doing that to perfection.”

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Photo credits: Stephen Eckert

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