Visualist For The Glitch Mob And Wolfgang Gartner Surya Buchwald To Speak At EDMMC

Surya Buchwald

Surya Buchwald, creative developer, will speak at the 2014 Electronic Dance Music Master Classes (EDMMC) in Las Vegas, one of the hottest EDM locations in the country, in conjunction with LDI. EDMMC will explore the artistic, technical, and practical challenges of designing and programming for this burgeoning musical phenomenon. EDM's top designers, technicians and experts will lead sessions in two distinct tracks- one for lighting and projection, and one for audio. Register today while confidence rates last until July 31! Read about this awesome EDMMC lighting/projection speaker below!

Surya Buchwald is a creative developer of shiny interactive experiences. His creations involve hands-on control of real-world and virtual environments. He has toured as the visualist for deadmau5, The Glitch Mob, and Wolfgang Gartner, and created and performed live video experiences for the Coachella Music Festival, Google, Numark Industries, the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the LA Weekly Detour Festival, and The A+D Museum.

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