Rob Halliday on FocusTrack at the BLMC

Lighting programmer and designer Rob Halliday created FocusTrack when he got tired of documenting show lighting by hand. The software, now available to all, can take the data from the lighting console, figure out which lights are used in which positions, which colours, and which gobos in which cues. It can then control the console and a digital camera to simplify the task of recording all that information to help maintain shows or re-create them for future productions.

In two special lunchtime sessions at the BLMC on Wednesday, May 23 between 12:15-2:30pm (attendees will be split into two groups), Halliday provides an introduction to FocusTrack, how it works, what it can do, and how it might be able to help you whether you need to document a show, or just want to know which colors you've actually used in your scrollers. He will be using the FocusTrack from the BLMC-featured show, Evita, giving you a sneak-peak of how the show's lighting is made before you see it that evening.

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