L-Acoustics Presents Line Array Session at 2014 BSMC

L-Acoustics Presents Line Array Session at 2014 BSMC


Scott Sugden, head of application/touring, for L-Acoustics presents a session titled "Understaning Line Array Propagation," examining the balance between SPL and tonal balance over distance with a line source array. Topics range from utilizing the Fresnel Approach to describe the cumulative effects of a line source array to graphical and practical demonstrations of the balance between SPL and tonal balance. The session takes place on Thursday, June 2, 2014 at the Broadway Sound Master Classes  (june 4-6) at NYU's Tisch School of The Arts.

“My goals will be for the attendees to have a basic understanding of benefits and limitations of a line source array,” says Sugden.

Highlights include:

·  How to best implement Line Source Arrays in theatrical applications;

.  How shape of the array affects the propagation of the array;

·  Dos and don’ts about EQ and gain differentials in arrays;

·  Best practices for a Line Source Array.



Join Sudgen and an incredible faculty of sound designers and technical experts at the 2014 BSMC… or register for all three Broadway Master Classes and make it a winning trifecta:

BLMC: May 30-June 1 (includes a ticket to Rocky)

BPMC: June 2-3 (includes a ticket to Here Lies Love)

BSMC: June 4-6 (includes a ticket to Bullets Over Broadway)



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