Jonathan Deans Discusses Creative Sound Design And Critiques The Pirate Queen At Master Classes


Jonathan Deans: Creative Sound Design: A Critique Of The Pirate Queen

BSMC SATURDAY, MAY 19, 2007 10:15am-12pm

"There's nothing simpler than plugging in a speaker to an audio output, and then right there going to work to change its color, its style, cue by cue. It becomes a tool. The palette you are using to paint with suddenly grows to the size of the auditorium," says sound designer Jonathan Deans.

His session at the 2007 BSMC, entitled Creative Sound Design, takes an in-depth look at the "plugging" and "painting" he did to create the sound for the new Broadway musical, The Pirate Queen, and examines one designer's view of creative sound design.

Topics range from creating a soundscape for the visually driven audience, and dealing with shrinking orchestras but demanding listeners, to sound space and the environmental continuity.

(All BSMC attendees will see The Pirate Queen on Friday evening, May 18, as part of the classes)

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