Full Sail Live Venue

A project over five years in the making, the 2.2-acre Full Sail Studios Gateway Project includes the Full Sail Live Venue, where the 2011 Projection Master Classes at LDI will be taking place, with its state-of-the-art gear setup.

The Full Sail Live Venue is built to serve a wide variety of live musical performances, monthly graduations, open house events, multi-visual presentations, guest lectures, and movie screenings trade shows. The room can hold 1500 occupants for a standing concert, 300 in a dinner theater environment, 500 seats, or 300 laptops at powered tables. The scope of the building’s capabilities is a testament to the careful planning and strategy that Full Sail’s Dana Roun and the rest of the project’s executive team put into planning the venue’s construction and implementation.

The venue install includes a Meyer Sound loudspeaker system including 16 Mica curvilinear arrays for front-of-house, center fill, and front fill; a large monitor system; and a 16-speaker surround sound system. DiGiCo SD7 and SD8 consoles are placed in the FOH and Monitor engineering positions respectively.

Another notable addition to the venue is the 48’x14’ Barco LED Video Wall, which offers a stunning visual component to live concerts, presentations, film screenings, and more. Rounding out the venue’s visual capabilities are four Sony HD Studio Cameras, one Canmate 21’ jib, three Barco HD projectors, a Green Hippo Hippotizer, and a Broadcast Room that houses a Sony MFS-2000 Switcher.

The [email protected] takes place in the Full Sail Live Venue on October 26 & 27,with Abbey Rosen Holmes as creative consultant and case studies on the Amon Tobin Project with Vello Virkaus and the 2011 Academy Awards with SenovvA. Register today and be part of the action.

Selected Gear list:
9 Martin Professional MAC700 Profile
5 Martin Professional MAC700 Wash
11 Martin Professional MAC401 LED
4 Martin Professional MAC250 Krypton
4 Martin Professional MAC2000 Profile
16 Martin Professional Stagebar54L LED strip light
12 ETC Source Four Zoom 15-50° ellipsoidal
48 ETC Source Four PAR
Leprecon 48-channel, 2.4kW dimmer rack
Leprecon 48-circuit Socapex power distro
MA Lighting grandMA Series 2 UltraLite lighting console w/fader wing
MA Lighting NPU
ETC Element 60/500 Lighting Console
Green Hippo HippotizerHD w/ HD-SDI input card
Portable Green Hippo Zookeeper on laptop (available upon request)
10’ 20.5”x20.5” HD Box Truss
5’ 20.5”x20.5x” HD Box Truss
20.5”x20.5” 4-way HD Truss corner block
10’ 12”x12” HD Box Truss
32 CM Lodestar 0.5T chain hoist w/ 40’ lift
Motion Labs control & load monitoring

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