CMC Speaker Spotlight: Tim LaValley

Tim LaValley of Battlecruiser is a British designer/director—and Fulbright scholar—with over ten years experience creating content for music shows and other broadcast events such as the Grammys, Emmys, BET Awards, & NAACP Awards. He has also designed content for the tours of such artists as Steve Aoki, Madonna, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Chris Cornell, and Hannah Montana.

At the Live Design Concert Master Classes on December 3 & 4 at USC, LaValley joins Pablo Molina, Tim LaValley and Carol Dodds on the panel: Projection, Video & Content: Who Owns It? The panelists will ask and answer these questions and more: Is it lighting? Is it scenery? Where to begin in the content and screen design process? Who does it: The LD or a dedicated video/content designer? LED screens VS projection: do you design differently for each?

Most Recent Project: Video content for Matchbox Twenty tour; Video content for Latin Grammys Person of the Year

First Big Break: 2010 Grammy Awards

Influences: Steven Soderbergh, Edward Tufte

First Concert You Saw: Throwing Muses

Favorite Concert Design Of All Time: Radiohead (Hollywood Bowl, 2008)

What Do You Most Like To Do When Not Working: Riding my motorbike, being on or near water (not at the same time)

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