CMC Speaker Spotlight: Anne Militello


Anne Militello returns to the Live Design Concert Master Classes, December 3 & 4 at USC, joining Jeff Ravitz, Butch Allen, and Steve Cohen on a panel titled "Design Methodology In Concert Lighting," in which the designers reveal secrets, share tricks of the trade, and offer a gold mine of information of tips and personal design techniques.

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Most Recent Project: The opera "The Flying Dutchman" for the Opera de Montreal

First Big Break: Being pulled in off the street in front of a Korean Deli on the lower east side of New York and literally dragged into LaMaMa by Ellen Stewart, the founder of the theatre, and handed to Michael Bennet and Tom Eyen (who wrote "Chorus Line") as the lighting designer for their new show since they had just fired the last guy. I was stoned and had no idea what was happening and they had no idea who I was. It was very awkward. But Ellen Stewart had a "feeling" about me. I stayed there for two years. The rest was history.

Influences: Robert Wilson, James Turrell, Salvador Dali, Joseph Svboda

First Concert You Saw: Savoy Brown when I was nine years old and snuck into my grammar school auditorium that the nuns rented out to hippies on the weekend.

Favorite Concert Design Of All Time: A Genesis concert in the mid-seventies that changed my life. Scared the hell out of me.

What Do You Most Like To Do When Not Working: I cannot disclose that information at this time.

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