BPMC: Driscoll Otto Discusses Baden Baden 1927

BPMC: Driscoll Otto Discusses Baden Baden 1927

Baden Baden 1927

Lighting/projection designer Driscoll Otto makes his debut on the Live Design Projection Master Classes this year. One of his recent productions was Baden Baden 1927, last October for Gotham Chamber Opera in New York City.

“The biggest challenges were working with one projector that didn’t quite have the distance to fill the proscenium, while also projecting on several planes from the proscenium to the back wall of the theater,” says Driscoll, who collaborated with lighting designer Paul Hackenmueller on this production. “We used a 3’ mirror to give us the distance we needed from the balcony rail to fill the downstage portal.”

Ultimately, one projector solved the problem. “Once we sorted out the distance issue this projector became a workhorse with Qlab 3’s new 'Surface' feature,” Driscoll adds. “We had many different surfaces in each opera that allowed us to have different content playing on each one, using just one computer and one projector. We also had the added complexity of having the performers placing all of the projection surfaces other than the proscenium during scenes or transitions.”

Driscoll Otto

Baden Baden 1927 ge

Qlab 3

1 Christie Roadster WU14K-M  14k Projector

 with a  Christie M-Series 1.1 Lens

1 Sony PMWEX3 HD Camera inc.

1 3’ Square  Mirror

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