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BLMC Color Lecture Updated To LED from left to right: Rob Gerlach, Lee Magadini, Drew Florida, Steve Terry, Beverly Emmons, Peter Wiegand, Clifton Taylor

BLMC Color Lecture Updated To LED


Lighting designers Beverly Emmons and Clifton Taylor, both longtime members of the faculty for the Broadway Lighting Master Classes, met in early March, spending the day at ETC's light lab in New York City to update their color lecture, which is consistently one of the most highly ranked sessions at the BLMC. With support from Steve Terry, Joe Dinardo, Rob Gerlach, and Peter Wiegand of ETC, plus volunteers Lee Magadini and Drew Florida, the LD's spent hours converting and programming their 90-minute presentation.











“We did the conversion of the color lecture to the ETC LED Source Four called the Lustr. It has seven colors that mix. And mix very well,” explains Emmons. “We went through the color scroll with an actual scroll holding the color in front of an incandescent Source Four at full. The Lustr was on right beside it and we matched the color with an Ion console.  We had someone stand with a hand in each light so that we could also match flesh tones. Once we had the ‘color palettes’ made up we went through the cues and put the LED color into them. There was relatively little tweaking to make things work. Mostly it was done to balance the brightness. We are not demonstrating LED technology…we are simply using it to demonstrate what color does. So I think we are on for the BLMC with all LED. A milestone.”

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