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ASK Adam Kaplan All About EDM While At LDI 2014

ASK Adam Kaplan All About EDM While At LDI 2014

Adam Kaplan

Owner of ASK Media Productions, Adam Kaplan knows EDM and you can ask him all about it atĀ the Electronic Dance Music Master Classes (EDMMC) in Las Vegas, one of the hottest EDM locations in the country, in conjunction with LDI. EDMMC will explore the artistic, technical, and practical challenges of designing and programming for this burgeoning musical phenomenon. EDM's top designers, technicians and experts will lead sessionsĀ in two distinct tracks- one for lighting and projection, and one for audio. Register today while confidence rates last until July 31!

Adam Kaplan is a media and content producer who specializes in documenting live events, consisting of music festivals, tours, and concerts. He is the owner of ASK Media Productions, which specializes in high end multimedia and broadcast production. He has documented high energy performances by influential artists of his time on the biggest platforms across the U.S. using the most advanced technologies and equipment in the industry. His documentations of paramount events are not limited to the Electric Daisy Carnival Vegas/Orlando/NY, Ultra Music Festival Miami, iHeartRadio Festival, 311 Unity Tour, NIN Tension Tour, Katy Perry Prismatic, and Coachella Music Festival. Clients include AG Light & Sound, SJ Lighting, Mountain Productions, Ultra Music Festival, StageLine, Cyber Hoist, Martin lights, Elation Professional, and Inner Circle Distribution. He is also an ongoing contributor to magazines, including Live Design.

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