A/V Specialist Rupert AG Murray As EDMMC Sound Co-Creative Consultant

Rupert AG Murray

Specialist in A/V systems and acoustics. Rupert AG Murray is co-creative consultant with Todd Konecny at the 2014 Electronic Dance Music Master Classes (EDMMC) in Las Vegas, one of the hottest EDM locations in the country, in conjunction with LDI. EDMMC will explore the artistic, technical, and practical challenges of designing and programming for this burgeoning musical phenomenon. EDM's top designers, technicians and experts will lead sessions in two distinct tracks- one for lighting and projection, and one for audio. Register today while confidence rates last until July 31! Read about this awesome EDMMC sound con-creative consultant below!

Rupert AG Murray is a recent addition to the Sound Investments Audio team as a specialist in A/V systems and acoustics. He has spent 12 years designing A/V systems and room acoustics of all kinds, from arenas and mega-churches to 911 call centers and recording studios. His chief interests, though, are dance club systems, and he has written scholarly papers on the subject of speaker orientation in dance club environments. Murray has spent half of his life immersed in every aspect the electronic dance music scene. He began DJing and producing in Chicago in 1996 and has released numerous records, tracks, and remixes under various monikers including Local Hero, Noise Floor Crew, and aKademy. He has engineered, mastered, and ghost-produced tracks for several well-known artists, as well as produced events, both small- and large-scale. In addition, Murray was co-founder and curator/editor of trashmenagerie.com, a popular electronic music blog. Murray has a Bachelor of Arts in Audio Arts and Acoustics from Columbia College of Chicago with a focus in A/V Contracting and Acoustics. He is a member of The Acoustical Society of America and the Audio Engineering Society.

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