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The 2012 Projection Master Classes @LDI promises to be an intensive investigation of the some of the highest-tech, highest-design projection projects on the planet, from the Olympics to the Super Bowl Halftime Show and The Grammy Awards. Creative consultant Abigail Rosen Holmes leads an A-list of projection pros in two days of in-depth discussions about the art and technology of contemporary projection design. October 17 & 18 at LDI2012 in Las Vegas.


Wednesday, October 17

7:30am: LDI Registration Open for badge pick-up

8:30am-9:00am: Coffee and bagels

: Welcome to the 2012 [email protected]
: Abigail Rosen Holmes gives a quick overview of new developments in design and technology in this rapidly developing field, kicking off our exploration of the methods and technology of this new design discipline that crosses the boundaries of cinema, theatre, and visual design storytelling.

 At The 2012 London Games: New and exciting opportunities are now available with a range of LED products allowing vast expanses to be quickly and cost effectively transformed into the world’s largest video screens, as seen at the London 2012 Games. Panelists from Tait Technologies and Immersive discuss the R&D, product development, networking, and pixel mapping for this ground-breaking event, along with discussing the challenges faced in producing content on this scale. Presenters: Carol Scott from Tait ; Dave Green, Immersive; Piers Shepperd, London 2012 technical director, and Katie Dawkins, ceremonies art director for Crystal AG International.

Video Design for Electronic Music Festival/Electric ZOO: 
Jon Goldstein presnts projection and video design for the electronic music experience at one of the largest electronic music festivals—stretching over three days in Randall's Island in New York City. Four stages: one outdoors and three tents. Custom design of sets, LED, and projection surfaces with all original content creation for a weekend of music all played back live, using audio interaction, mixed media, and immersive video environments. Hear Jon Goldstein talk about how to conceive, manage and create the visuals for the future of the live music experience

Lunch and Technology Presentations: Grab your lunch, listen to presentations about today’s hot projection technology then meet the manufacturers and check out the gear!


Projection Mapping:The Queen's Diamond Jubilee: Want to know all the steps and processes to realize a perfect projection-mapping project? Nils Porrmann of Dandelion & Burdock takes us through us through a step-by-step "how-to" of the Projection Mapping Process, using the spectacular Queen's Diamond Jubliee Concert at Buckingham Palace as an example. From laser scans of the site to developing the content raster, learn all the steps and considerations that come together to deliver these incredible large-scale images.

Projection Case Study I: The 2012 Super Bowl Halftime Show: 
Projection Mapping the Super Bowl Halftime Show: If there was anyone who hadn't seen large scale production mapping before certainly everyone had a taste of what it can do after the Super Bowl Halftime show. Eye popping, visually transforming imagery and all presented in the very difficult circumstances of entertainment’s fastest changeover and set up. Production director Bruce Rodgers of Tribe Inc, lighting designer Al Gurdon, and video content producer Sakchin Bessette of Moment Fatory take us through the details of this visual knock-out of a project.

5:30-6:00pm: The Cosmopolitan Hotel Installation: Join Abigail Rosen Holmes and Arianna Knapp of Senovva as they present an introduction to the video installation at the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

Installation Video and Cocktails at the Cosmopolitan Hotel—
David Rockwell's Lab designs stunning immersive environments with interactive video. See the incredible range and beauty of this installation (while enjoying the lovely bar and a drink on us!) Abigail Rosen Holmes and Arianna Knapp (of SenovvA) lead the discussion.

Thursday, October 18

8:30am-9:00am Coffee and bagels

Systems Design and Integration: 
As shows continue to use an increasingly complex mix of cameras, graphics computers, traditional sources, and media servers, playback on a varied array of LED sources and projection surfaces requires full systems integration, which becomes both more critical and more challenging. Systems need to be tied together, signals sent down a dizzying array of routing paths at different times, managing signal delays, the appearance of consistent system timing, and signal control coordination. Join programmer Laura Frank to explore the challenges and methods for this critical part of projection and video design projects.

: Projection Case Study II: Grammy Awards: 
More divas in one room than you can imagine and that doesn't even include the TV production staff! One of television and music's biggest events, the Grammy’s required designing video to meet the requirements of a live television broadcast and the demanding taste of music's biggest stars. Designer and screens producer Drew Findley of DF Productions shows us his work designing images for this massive multi screen environment.

 Lunch and Technology Presentations:
Grab your lunch, listen to presentations about today’s hot projection technology then play in the sandbox for a few hours and get your hands on the gear!

: Screen Design for Multiple Performance Live TV Awards Show
: Drew Findley of DF Productions takes us through the details of the process of planning and producing screens content and design for multiple performance live TV awards shows. His work includes the Grammy's, BET awards, Hip Hop Awards, and Rip the Runway, amongst others.

Envision the Future: 
Abigail Rosen Holmes and friends discuss the future trends in projection and video—from control systems, Kinect hacks, projected ghosts, and projection mapping— where will this exciting field go next? Moderator: Abbey Rosen Holmes. Panelists include: Laura Frank, Drew Findley, and Manny Treeson.

Register today and be part of this this eye-opening experience and master the art of projection.

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