Nike Launches New Web3 Digital Community .SWOOSH

The pandemic has driven brands to embrace digital engagement and communities like never before, many powered by Web3. Companies have approached this transition in different ways, with some building full-out virtual branded worlds on popular platforms like Roblox and others experimenting with NFT collectibles and loyalty programs.

Nike has now launched a new digital community, .SWOOSH, powered by Web3, for Nike Members. It is described as an inclusive, equitable home for Nike virtual creations, where athletes, creators, collectors, and consumers can learn about and collect these interactive digital objects — and eventually help co-create them.

Nike virtual creations include virtual shoes and jerseys, which community members will soon be able to wear in digital games and other immersive experiences. The platform is also following in the footsteps of other online communities and Web3 experiences that offer real-world value to its members — according to Nike, some people will be able to unlock access to physical products and events.

Nike’s goal with this new platform is to “expand the definition of sport — and serve its future — by democratizing the web3 experience so that everyone can collect, create and own a piece of this new digital world.”

The platform is currently in beta, and those who are interested can register to join. The company plans to grow its community throughout the rest of the year and is aiming to make it as diverse as possible. It will be prioritizing local communities in the US and some European countries that it currently supports through its DEI initiatives and working with them to ready them for participation in the platform.

The first digital collection will debut next year and will be shaped by the platform’s community. Following the launch, community members will be able to enter a challenge for the opportunity to co-create virtual product with Nike, for which they will be able to earn a royalty.

“We are shaping a marketplace of the future with an accessible platform for the web3-curious," said Ron Faris, GM of Nike Virtual Studios. "In this new space, the .SWOOSH community and Nike can create, share, and benefit together."