Living it Up at Lacey’s

Robe, the Czech moving light manufacturer that is one of the newest industry players, recently provided gear for its first installation in Ireland. Through its UK distributor Coe-tech/Robe UK, Robe equipment was supplied to Dublin-based Aquarius for use at Lacey’s, a large (1,500 capacity) club at the Carrickdale Hotel in Dundalk, Ireland. Designed by Wayne Winstanley, and installed by the Carrickdale’s technical staff, led by Brian O’Keefe, Lacey’s is located in a multipurpose room that is also used as a restaurant and a venue for weddings and conferences. As a result, the design is meant to be as flexible as possible.

Thus Leisure Engineering supplied four polygonal truss pieces in the ceiling, each of which moves and also contains a Syncro centerpiece. Each piece of truss is clad with a gauze screen on the bottom, as they move upwards into the room they angle outwards, creating a tent-like appearance. As they are lowered downwards, the screens shift position and from projection sails.

Winstanley chose eight Robe Scan 1200 XSs plus 12 Robe MS Zoom 250s and 16 Beam 250s, missing up the units to create a variety of colors and effects. He also used more than 80 Ariane recessed color-changing downlights, also supplied by Coe-tech, mounted in ceilings and coves around the room, on the walls and around the bar. Lighting is controlled by an Avolites Pearl 2000 console, programmed by Coe-tech’s Nathan Wan.

The combination of carefully chosen and placed units transforms the room. Winstanley notes that this is first use of Robe products and he is duly satisfied. Look for Robe to make a further impact in the UK club scene.