Hamilton Film Streams On July 3, 2020

Make your house the room where it happens on Friday, July 3 when Hamilton, the groundbreaking, winner of 11 Tony Awards and a Pulitzer Prize, Broadway musical, live streams on Disney Plus (subscription required). Originally planned to air on October 2021, the date was pushed forward due to Covid-19, when millions upon millions of people are hungry for quality content online.

The PG-13 version of Hamilton was filmed in 2016 on Broadway, at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in 2016 with the original cast including the show’s creator Li-Manuel Miranda as Alexander Hamilton. See trailer below.

Live Design takes us back to 2015 when Hamilton moved from its original home at The Public Theatre to Broadway. Read our articles about the Broadway designs of this musical — a hit from the first note.

Hamilton Is A Hit

Hamilton Lighting Webcast Featuring LD Howell Binkley

Birth Of A Nation: A Revolutionary Stage — Scenic design by David Korins

Birth Of A Nation: Colonial Lighting – Howell Binkley’s Lighting Design

Birth Of A Nation: Vocal Clarity – Sound Design By Nevin Steinberg

Birth Of A Nation: Dressing The Founding Fathers —Costumes design by Paul Tazewell

From the Public Theatre to Broadway to live streaming in your home, it's been quite a journey for Hamilton, even if a young scrappy immigrant is an unusual partner for Mickey Mouse, but thanks to Disney for bringing us the filmed version.