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Excellence Awards 2017
projection-sky-city Photographed supplied by Hexogon Solution Pte Ltd

Sky City At Singapore's 51st National Day

Hexogon Solution achieved World's Biggest Real-Time Tracking 3D Projection Mapping on Singapore's 51st National Day at Singapore National Stadium using Christie Boxer and VYV Tracking Solution.

SINGAPORE- (9 August 2016), Hexogon Solution achieved World's Biggest Real-Time Tracking 3D Projection Mapping in celebration of Singapore's 51st National Day at the New Singapore National Stadium.

The brief by the National Day Parade Multimedia Committee was to provide 360 degrees real-time tracking 3D projection mapping onto two objects - a large moving boulder that will split into eight pieces, and Sky City that is made up of fifteen collapsible fabric structures that stood 25 meters tall and 60 meters in diameter. The Sky City hoisted to 35m above the central stage was the highlight of the show, which represented the future and dreams of modern Singapore in the spectacular grand finale. A total of 40 tracking cameras, 66 Christie Boxer 4K30 (30,000 lumens, 4K resolution) digital projectors, 12 Photon Servers and together with 250 VYV Copernic Emitters were deployed for this task. Alignment and calibration during installation took under an hour.

Adrian Goh, Group Managing Director of Hexogon Solution highlighted, "We are immensely honoured to be part of Singapore's National Day Parade for the 5th consecutive year. The challenges faced at this National Day Parade were firstly the constraints of having to map on empty space without actual objects in the initial mapping stage and secondly the short turnaround time allocated for calibrating and alignment on the complex structures after they were erected. He added, "The unpredictable on-site wind conditions plays a significant factor, as it will cause the fabric structures to move and deform as we map onto the structures. This issue was greatly resolved through our sophisticated state-of-the-art VYV tracking system as it instantaneously calibrates, renders and maps onto the uneven moving surfaces."

Beatrice Chia-Richmond, Creative Director of 2016 Singapore National Day Parade commended, "Hexogon Solution has delivered world-class projection mapping for this 51st National Day Parade, and together we are elated to claim a World Record for the Biggest Real-Time Tracking Projection."

Hexogon Solution continues to remain at the forefront of digital projection and will continuously strive to break records.

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