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Excellence Awards 2015
MasterChef Canada

MasterChef Canada


There is a kitchen, and then there is a KITCHEN….MasterChef Canada is the biggest cooking show in the country, and part of the MasterChef family with over 43 franchises worldwide.

The show consist of multiple sets including a fully equipped pantry, an equipment room, a lounge, a restaurant, 4 soundproofed interviews rooms, a balcony overlooking the whole set, a “fight club” area where dozens of participants are battling hoping to impress the judges in order to make it to the coveted 40 000 sqf main kitchen where the full cooking season takes place. Add to this a full production office, a TV control room, cameras, wardrobe, and craft services, and you have hundreds of people coming in everyday to shoot each MasterChef episodes. All built from the ground up, in an empty warehouse…

Finding that empty 100 000 sqf warehouse with 40’ of ceiling clearance to produce a show this size is no easy task. Heading into the second season, challenges awaited the design team when the original MasterChef location fell through at the last minute, leaving just a couple days before load-in to find a new venue, re-design the set and lighting around it, finalize all the plots and lists, and get the gear onsite.

Since season 1, production requested 3id Design, a well-established Canadian lighting design firm, to tackle the gigantic task of putting a show this size into light, with designers Jean Renaud and Vincent Colbert leading the project. The show is only in its second season, so it is still evolving as it goes. The design has to cover all the existing elements, but also needs to be versatile enough to adapt to all the changes that occur over the 3 months production period. One of the challenges is to try to plan ahead for every possible situation since it is quite difficult to make changes and additions once the kitchen counters and flooring are installed on the main floor.

Some quick lighting facts about the show:

  • Over 50 000 feet of cables used
  • 3648 linear feet of trusses
  • 3596 truss bolts
  • 112 rigging points
  • 436 Source-4 lekos, that’s over 7800 lbs. worth of lekos!
  • Over 511 conventional theatrical fixtures
  • More than 200 more various incandescent lighting fixtures
  • Over 344 LED fixtures
  • More than 64 moving-lights
  • Over 4930 man/hours to deliver the show, for lighting department only

MasterChef Canada
Lighting Design: 3id Design Corporation
Lead designers: Jean Renaud & Vincent Colbert
Crew chief/Head Electrician: Drew McElary
Lighting Supplier: Christie Lights Toronto

Account rep: Denis Richard
Production Designer: Michael “Spike” Parks
Producer: MCC II Productions

First electric: Ian Mcmaster
Takeshi Ochiai
Lucy Sabatino
Sergio Chavez
Jesse Smith
Andrew Picano
Matt Richard
Russell Benoit
Jason Gardash

Equipment list (Main kitchen only):
2 GrandMA full size, 1 OnPC
436 Source4 lekos
60 Source4 Pars
30 scoop 1k
44 Fresnels
221 Colorforce12
22 StudioForce Phosphor
7 Colorforce-72
76 Colorblocks
29 Mac 700
16 MacIII
8 MacIII Performance

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