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Excellence Awards 2014

Faites-Moi Confiance!

The show brings talent and competition together in an interactive multimedia environment. The entire set is animated to create graphic vibes unique to each part of the show. Black Out design created the visual identity which integrates the public, the animator and the participants.

Faites-Moi Confiance! is a show broadcasted on the TVA network in Canada. It brings talent and competition together in an interactive multimedia environment. The producer wanted to get a technological & modern look in every aspect of the production. The entire set is animated to enhance every moment of the show.

TVA Productions asked BlackOut to create a visual identity which integrates the public, the host and the participants. The main goal was to design a performance space which inspires challenge, stress and technology. To bring the modern aspect to the show, a transparent interactive gaming surface was created for the players. This surface allowed for one of the main camera shots to be behind the it and look directly in the eye of the player with the game in between. We also designed a huge structure which make challenges even more stressful by it's daunting size. The structure's shape is entirely covered with custom video mapping to display the different games and bring life to the set with imagery. In the middle of the set, there is a main stage that is a round island with two bridges that can extend mechanically. When playing on the main stage, the bridges disconnect and the participant has no choice but to play the game to be able to get off the island stage and back to the reality. This custom round stage is entirely backlit by thousands of LED pixels. The other main feature of our design is the bleachers for the public which represent a futuristic image of a city skyline. The bleachers are all animated by LED sticks controlled by video to extend the visuals on the main set. There is also another part of the show when the participant is close to winning. Our team designed an interactive bomb game where the goal is to deactivate it within 50 seconds.

All visual elements of the show are linked with Coolux to allow real-time interaction with the game system and the director who can switch cameras and visuals simultaneously. The Coolux system controls all video projectors, LED pixels, LED sticks and trigger cues in the light board.

This project is a brand new approach for TV show design. It immerses us into a mix of real and virtual worlds to create an experience like no other.

Equipment List:

1 X Grand MA full size 1
20 X VL3500 SPOT
120 X iColor Cove MX Powercore
5 X Leko ETC S4 575w
15 X BlackSticks 16" 4px
140 X BlackSticks 20" 5px
44 X BlackSticks 28" 7px
41 X BlackSticks 36" 9px
62 X BlackSticks 44" 11px
36 X BlackSticks 56" 14px
21 X BlackSticks 76" 19px
12 X BlackSticks 80" 20px
22 X BlackSticks 96" 24px


5 X Christie projector 20K SD
>2 X Christie projector 10K SD (touch table)
10 X Coolux media player PRO
1 X Coolux media manager PRO
1 X Coolux widget designer PRO
9 X ENTTEC Data Gate MK2
5572 X BlackNode 500Mw RGB
422 X Barco Stealth Pannel

Design Team

Producer - TVA Production - Dominique Joly
Show creator - Olivier Aghaby
Production design by
Video content design by
Creative director - Hubert Gagnon
Sound effect designer - Jonathan Trudeau
2D and 3D artists - Simon Potvin-Goulet, Marc-Antoine Richard, Joey Booth and Martin Paré
Projection director - François David
Coolux programmer - Thomas Lamoureux
Technical support - Meric Messahli

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