Zinman Software Pocket LD

Pocket LD from Zinman Software is one of the many lighting industry-related applications created for Apple’s popular iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices running iPhone OS 3.0 software or later.

The software contains a large library database of many of today’s popular conventional lighting fixtures used in both the theatrical and film industries. By choosing the specific makes and models of lighting instruments, the user can then perform calculations based on specific needs and choose the right tool for the task at hand.

By entering a desired throw distance, the program calculates specific unit measurements of beam and field diameters as well as foot candle readings.

Pocket LD’s extensive library contains instruments from manufacturers such as Arri, ETC, Altman, DeSisti, Strand, Mole Richardson, and a host of others. By selecting an individual manufacturer from the library, the user is presented with all of the models and lensing options for that specific instrument as well as the unit’s lamp options.

Once a specific model and its options have been selected, the user is then presented with an information and calculation page pertaining to that instrument. Parameters such as wattage, native color temperature, lamp life, beam angle, field angle, and candela are shown along with a throw distance calculator. Once a throw distance is entered via the onboard keypad, calculations for beam and field diameters as well as foot candles are completed. A small but elegantly useful touch is the displaying of that manufacturer’s web address at the very bottom of the display where the user can find further information.

A handy additional feature is the ability for the user to add a particular fixture model to a “favorites” list for units that are repeatedly being referenced. This is a wonderful way to save time and button presses within the application. Once created, the user is also able to edit the favorites menu by deleting unwanted units directly from the display.

There are several competing software applications currently available. However, compared to its competition in the iTunes App marketplace, Pocket LD is currently the only application to offer both such an extensive fixture library as well as so much information about the units within its library.

Patrick Dierson is an associate designer with the Performance Environment Design Group and co-owner of video content developer Idyll Hands Imagery.

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