Wybron Awarded New Patent


Wybron, Inc. announced today that it has been granted US Patent no. 7,163,317 for the core technology relating to its dichroic CMY color–changing system. The system allows for graceful color fades across a wide spectrum, inside profile and wash style fixtures. This technology is integral to Wybron’s family of Nexera fixtures.

“For more than 25 years, Wybron has continually invested in innovating and developing advanced lighting systems,” says Larry Turner, CEO of Wybron. “We listen to our customers and base our unique designs on their demands. Because of positive customer feedback, we are integrating this patented technology into new products like our fiber-optic illuminator. We intend to launch this new product in the coming weeks.”

The Nexera utilizes a set of cyan, magenta, and yellow dichroic filters, which are introduced into the beam of light and controlled by DMX values set at the lighting console. The Nexera’s filters are etched with a unique pattern to allow for smooth color across the field.

Nexera models include: wash, as well as profile zooms at 19°-26° or 25°-40° beam spreads. Available with a 575W tungsten or long-life CDM sources. All Nexeras are convection cooled, allowing for nearly silent operation. The Nexera also can be used with other Wybron products on the same power supply (PS) series.

Nexeras are now being integrated into Wybron’s InfoTrace family, joining ColorRams, CXIs, and Eclipse dowsers. The InfoTrace system allows full RDM functionality, including remote DMX addressing, discovery, and enhanced trouble-shooting ability for an entire lighting system.

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