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Zero 88 Lighting Frog 2

After a two-year development process, production units of the Frog 2 console by Zero 88 are shipping. This compact moving light console is highly configurable, with 2,048 channels patchable to four DMX universes. It uses conventional syntax with intuitive features, so a user experienced on another console can immediately begin to patch fixtures and create presets and cues. The programming interface includes standard keypads and a built-in color touch screen and supports two external touch screen monitors. On-the-fly playback adjustments are possible via 10 playbacks, 10 user-defined faders, and 20 user-defined keys, all extended to 100 pages. The board supports simultaneous DMX output (two ports per universe) and/or DMX over Ethernet. Other connections include keyboard and mouse PS/2 ports, DMX input, SMPTE, MIDI, CANbus, and audio line input. Show storage is handled via CD-R/CD-RW drive or USB memory stick.
A.C.T Lighting, Inc.
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American DJ
Fantasy 250 and Illusion 250

The Fantasy 250 and the Illusion 250 are the two newest members of the Accu 250 Series. They are 250W DMX fixtures that can be used as stand-alone units. Both can be run continuously without shutting down for duty cycles, as large, high-velocity fans prevent overheating. The Fantasy 250 includes one gobo, four textured glass patterns, and a prism mirror, while the Illusion 250 utilizes 10 gobos for kaleidoscopic images. Each has a complete cycle of 10 built-in programs and can be XLR-linked for master-slave operation. The five-channel Fantasy 250 and the four-channel Illusion 250 can also be used with a DMX controller. A Smart Sense feature automatically detects whether each unit is in DMX or master-slave mode, so no additional adjustments are required. These fixtures come with a ZB-MSD250/2 2,000-hour 250W discharge lamp. Other features include sound-active internal programming, smooth stepper motors, manual full focusing, strobe effect, blackout control with Mini/C controller, multi-voltage selection (98V, 120V, 208V, 230V, 255V; 50Hz/60Hz), and hanging brackets.
American DJ
Los Angeles, CA
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Pacific Dowser

The Pacific Dowser drop-in accessory dims discharge lamps (575W MSR, 250ST, CDM) delivering a similar response to that of a tungsten lamp. No fans ensure very low operating noise. Other features include smooth, quiet patented dimming action; touch panel DMX address with programmable stand-alone function, display brightness selection, and line termination switch; and universal power supply (100-250V 50/60Hz). Slowest fade is defined by the user's console, and fastest fade to black out is 0.35 seconds.
Selecon Lighting
Forest Hill, MD
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Times Square
Lighting T67H and T67V

The T67H and the T67V are 70W accent lights based on the energy-efficient T6 metal halide lamp. These fixtures feature a computer-designed reflector capable of achieving light levels that exceed standard metal halide PAR lamps. Three reflector types are available and will change the color temperature of the projected beam. Both units are supplied with an internal accessory compartment that can accommodate spread lenses, louvers, colored glass, and UV filters. Additional features include color-correcting reflector kit; electronic ballast compartment with electronic ballast; focus adjustment locking device; numerous mounting options; availability in 120V and 277V.
Times Square Lighting
Stony Point, NY
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UPgrades, etc.:

Elation Control Systems
DMX Operator 192

Elation Control Systems (ECS) introduces an upgraded model of the DMX Operator, the DMX Operator 192, a 192-channel controller that can operate up to 12 intelligent fixtures, with as many as 16 DMX channels each. This upgraded model adds a joystick for controlling pan and tilt. Users can assign any one of the 12 fixtures to the joystick. It also features an encoder wheel as an alternative to the stick. Another new feature is USB input. Users can illuminate their work area with a USB light, or they can back up shows on a memory stick for instant recall, without having to reset fixtures for each performance. In addition, a new fog machine trigger button has been added, allowing for integration of fog effects. The unit is equipped with eight control faders and can record up to 12 programmable chases with fade time and speed. It can handle a total of 240 programmable scenes via 30 programmable scene banks. Other features include: a blackout button; tap sync button for chase speed override; built-in microphone for sound trigger; line level RCA audio input for music trigger; and MIDI input for scene, chase, or blackout trigger. It also comes equipped with an LCD display, DMX polarity switch, and power failure memory.
Elation Control Systems
Los Angeles, CA
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MA Lighting
LED Lamp on All Consoles

All MA lighting consoles (excluding LC 12/2) are now delivered with a specially developed LED gooseneck desk lamp. These lamps are upgraded compared to the previous model with two LEDs. The lamp offers bright, tungsten-comparable light output. Users can order it separately, as well, and choose between straight or right-angled XLR3 connector.
MA Lighting Technology
Paderborn, Germany
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Martin Professional
Ego X5 Goes DMX

Ego X5 deco effect is now DMX controllable. Designed for DJs, mobile professionals, bands, live theatre, and more, it is suitable for clubs, bars, and entertainment venues. This DMX version of the Ego 03 features new kaleidoscopic decoration and projection designs, as well as 12 built-in macros (slow, medium, and fast). It can also operate in auto or music trig mode. The fixture houses a 250W, 1,000-hour halogen lamp. Additional features include a variable strobe effect with 0-100% digital dimming; variable effect speeds on both the double mirror tunnel optics and the kaleidoscopic gobo wheel; continuous rotation; a handle and lens protection ring; and a switch mode power supply.
Martin Professional
Aarhus, Denmark
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New Touchscreen For LPX24

Leprecon's LP-X24 lighting console is now available with an optional 15" color touchscreen, a feature already available on the LP-X48 console. The increased functionality of the touchscreen reduces programming time. Existing LP-X24 consoles can be upgraded to use the touch screen interface.
Leprecon LLC
Hamburg, MI
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VectorWorks Version 11.5

VectorWorks products have been upgraded to version 11.5. This update is available to all current version 11 users as a free download or it can be obtained on CD for a nominal fee. Enhancements include the freehand tool, with new smoothing options that make it easier to create organic shapes. Improved 3D snapping now finds the center of extrudes. New automatic lighting means scenes are always perfectly lit. Additionally, the most recently used fonts are now displayed. Other changes include better trimming, more accurate polygon offsets, enhanced viewports, and improved support in RenderWorks for QuickTime® VR and Piranesi®. In addition, a free, downloadable Viewer is now available for VectorWorks 11.5 and its Industry Series. It enables those who do not own the program to view and print projects.
Nemetschek North America
Columbia, MD
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PyroFog is a1500W professional fog machine that shoots smoke 25' straight up, creating effects simulating pyrotechnics. DMX-512 control allows for electronic and choreographic synchronization of up to 100 units. The unit is safe for stage and close proximity productions. Features include a reheating time of 10 minutes; smoke output of 20,000 cubic ft. per minute; tank capacity of 0.5 gallons; and electronic temperature control. Each unit is supplied with a wireless remote.
OmniSistem Lights & Effects
Kent, WA
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Invisible Rival Controls
The Gherkin

The Gherkin is a DMX lighting controller that can run small shows or test dimmers, moving lights, and scrollers. It fits in a rack with dimmers, mounted behind a bar, in a control room, or in a toolbox. Twelve channel control knobs set the DMX channel level output (channels 1-12), and a grand master control scales the levels of the knobs. Turning the grand master control all the way down creates a blackout. It is mounted via an optional GH-RM rack-mount kit or with the GH-WM wall-mount kit. Features include DMX-512 signal; short circuit and electrostatic discharge protected DMX output; steel chassis; easy-grip knobs; standard XLR 5-pin DMX jack; long battery life; automatic switching between battery and external power; power adaptor for 120VAC operation; power status LED; safety cable/lanyard connection points; and bolt-on battery door.
Invisible Rival Controls
Toronto, Canada
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Lamina Ceramics
Aterion White

Lamina Ceramics, Inc. has developed an ultra-high lumen LED white light engine, Aterion White, that is 14 times brighter than any previously demonstrated white light LED array, according to the company. The 28,000 lumen solid-state device is 5"-square and draws 1,400W. It is more than twice as bright as the record-setting RGB (red-green-blue) light engine the company unveiled a few months ago. Comprised of 1,120 LEDs with a 5,500K color-corrected temperature (CCT) and a color rendering index (CRI) of 80, the array radiates no heat in its light beam and features instant-on, instant re-strike, and full dimming capabilities. A proprietary multi-layer ceramic-on-metal packaging — low temperature co-fired ceramic-on-metal (LTCC-M) — provides a combination of thermal performance and interconnectivity between individual LEDs.
Lamina Ceramics, Inc.
Westampton, NJ
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Lighthouse P10 and R10
Fanless LED Screens

Two fanless 10mm pixel pitch indoor LED video screens, the P10 and R10, are for environments requiring minimum noise levels. Designed for permanent installations, the P10 is lightweight, with each panel weighing 9.6kg (21.16 lbs.). The R10 rental product features a fast rig single kingpin design for quick setup and strip down. The R10 is also compatible with all existing LVP1010D accessories. Both models include a clip-on IM (intelligent module) feature for screwless maintenance on LED modules and average power consumption of 100W per panel at 2000 NITS brightness. Other features include 140° horizontal and vertical viewing angle; 10,000 pixels per m2; 4.4 trillion color capability; 14-bit processing depth; 50/60-frame-per-second frame rate; proprietary SDI data input; M4 Technology; and a lifetime of 50,000 hours to half brightness.
Lighthouse Technologies Limited
Irvine, CA
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Elektralite my250

The my250 is a moving yoke fixture with a Philips MSD250/2 discharge lamp and the ability to pan 630 degrees and tilt 265 degrees. The color wheel has an array of eight colors and bi-colors with rainbow effect, six rotating indexable gobos, and an additional seven fixed gobos. All gobos are standard size and interchangeable. Electronic focus is complemented by a bi-directional rotating prism, as well as dimmer and strobe. Gobos remain in focus across the entire visual field, and morphing between gobos is possible. The digital address and display allows a variety of functions to be accessed for the operation of lamp control (on/off), pan and tilt reverse, and lamp and fixture hours. The unit can be set to run independently, without a lighting board. Cues can be downloaded into the onboard reprogrammable processor. The fixture can also be placed in a master/slave configuration or be controlled via a sound input. It comes with mounting hardware including safety cable and a 50' DMX cable. Its small footprint is useful in situations where an unobtrusive moving fixture is required.
Group One Ltd.
Farmingdale, NY
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Clay Paky
CP Color 400 SH

CP Color 400 SH (Separate Head) is a new silent 400W CMY color changer with the power supply unit removed from the lighting body. The lighting body can be placed up to a distance of 984' from the power supply unit since the two are connected with a single power cable. This system optimizes the available space by hiding the power supply box inside false ceilings or behind the scenes in theatres. The projector's new electronics and its external menu are located near the lighting body.
Clay Paky
Valencia, CA
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