Visual Productions Releases Version 1.48 Of VisualDMX

Visual Productions has released version 1.48 of their VisualDMX Lighting Control Software.

The new VisualDMX release features several enhancements. Users will notice a revised Matrix Mania! dashboard for the control of matrix set-ups; the changes in this user interface improve the usability and compatibility with touch screen control.

Perhaps the most significant improvement in this version is the new Action Editor. This brand new editor replaces the old Cue Editor, offering even more programming functions than before. Additionally, the Action Editor also enables events to be triggered by a realtime scheduler and a timer mechanism.

Furthermore, the handling of DMX Devices is enhanced; DMX hardware is now automatically detected by the software and support for the Art-Net dongle is added, making VisualDMX Art-Net enabled. A useful new feature is that you can set all unused channels in a universe to be copied from the DMX Input; this allows for handy merging of DMX streams.

This new software release is available for download at no cost at the Visual Productions website.

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