Tools Of The Trade: Pearl-Lux From Ushio

Ushio’s Pearl-Lux is a flexible, silicone-coated, architectural-grade LED light string. The 12V strings measure 3.2' (1m) in length and contain 96 LEDs with a total of 6W for each string. With a life rated at 50,000 hours with proper thermal management, they also have an IP67 rating for interior and exterior use and can be cut to meet size and load constraints.

Pearl-Lux is suited for:

  • cove lighting
  • pathway lighting
  • backlighting
  • signs
  • edge lighting
  • recessed and display lighting

The strings are available in white (6,500K) and warm white (2,700K) color temperatures. Straight or flexible resin mounting channels are available. These strings are UV-free, IR-free, mercury-free, lead-free, and RoHS-compliant.

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