Three Of The Latest Lighting Fixture Demos

Three Of The Latest Lighting Fixture Demos

Stay on top of the game and check out three of the latest product demo videos published on manufacturers' YouTube video channels within the past month, the newest one uploaded just three days ago! Check out the videos below, and visit these related articles on what's trending in lighting gear and 5 highly viewed lighting fixture demos


Robe presents the BMFL Blade, with four shutter blades, a frame that can rotate 90°, and a beam angle zoom range of 5° to 55°.

SGM Q-2 and Q-2 W

SGM's Q-2 and Q-2 W are a flood, strobe, and blind in one fixture with a fixed beam angle of 110°.

PR Lighting Ltd. XLED 3007

The XLED 3007 fixture has seven 20W RGB LEDs and a beam angle range of 7° to 42°. Mega Systems, Inc is the exclusive US distributor for PR Lighting Ltd.

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