Strand Lighting Introduces v10 Software For Light Palette And Palette Consoles

The newest software from Strand Lighting offers a completely new look and feel for the Light Palette and Palette lighting control consoles, and is available now. Command operations are now faster, simpler, and more intuitive. Displays are more informative and flexible and the entire operator experience will change the minute users begin to work with the software.

Users of the original Light Palette v6 and v8 Light Palette and Palette lighting control consoles will recognize the heritage of this software with its familiar command line interface. In addition, 300 and 500 series console programmers will feel at home with enhanced features.

Version 10 builds on the strengths of Strand Lighting’s years of experience in lighting control and improves the power of moving light programming with Universal Attribute Control. Version 10 brings real-world control to all desks for all programmers and allows users to copy attribute information across to any type of fixture.

Features in this release include full command line programming, enhanced color control including gel manufacturer’s color libraries, smart touring options with magic update, directive updates, and fixture offset. Also, there is now partial show loading, 500 series import, ASCII export, Vision.Net support, and fixture status across a range of cues and more than 100 other enhancements.

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