ShowCAD Artist 2005 At PLASA


ShowCAD will launch the latest version of the Artist Control System, Artist 2005, at PLASA 2005 in London, September 11th to the 14th . Artist 2005 offers new features upgrades from the current Artist system.

Artist 2005 has 32,000+ DMX channels, live video capture to DMX, and fixture specific templates for all DMX devices. Video to DMX and pre-designed macro templates ensure fast programming. Programming LED matrixes is simplified with macro programming for mirrors, yokes, and RGB parameters, and a matrix generator. Visualization features include scalable visualization of fixture groups and fixture parameter visualization. It interfaces to MIDI, RS 232, SMPTE, USB, digital and standard protocols, and has serial, MIDI, digital, and network input access to system commands. The touchscreen user interface and specific operator graphical user interfaces as well as the remote Internet, radio, and IR control allows for flexible user control. Users can customize function access with security schemes. There is also an automatic archiving backup system. Other features include, real time clock/calendar, WYSIWYG integration, and automatic fixture routines, like lamp on and reset.

Clubs like the Avalon in New York City and Hollywood, Fabric and Hippodrome in London, and Manumission in Ibiza are among ShowCAD Artist club installations. The system has also been employed in architectural, theme park, theatre, and other environments, such as the StratoFantasia extravaganza in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor, where Artist cued and controlled lasers, video, lighting and sound. Additionally, in 70 Chicago Rock Café’s systems operate unmanned, with cues changing in sync with Artist’s Real Time Clock. At PLASA, ShowCAD will also be showing the stand-alone system, Automaton, and entry-level version, Artist Compact. Downloaded free trial software, tutorials, and a demo at

Artist 2005 will be demonstrated at the ShowCAD Stand L33 and also at the LED Co. stand, where it will control an LED "super matrix."

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