Rose Brand Rentals Adds Blisslight StarMaze Effects Projectors

Rose Brand has added the Blisslight StarMaze Effects Projector to their rental inventory.

This small, self-contained unit creates a StarMaze on virtually any surface. It is perfect for adding a big effect to live events with minimum effort.

The high precision optics and holographic materials help to create the mesmerizing effect of a spray of bright green laser stars and a soft glowing blue LED nebula that slowly drifts and shimmers.

To operate, plug into a standard grounded wall outlet, turn on the switch, and point it in the right direction; it couldn’t be easier. The Blisslight, weighing less than 5 lbs, has versatile mounting options with an adjustable yoke.

The effective throw distance of the star field is up to half the length of a football field, the blue nebula starts to drop off at about 50 feet. Coverage is approximately 2.5 feet of projection for each foot of throw.

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