RC4-Magic Wireless DMX Toolkit


An economically priced bundle of products from the new RC4-Magic product line-up, the Wireless DMX Toolkit provides a DMX transmitter, a DMX receiver, two 2-channel wireless dimmers, and-as part of a limited-time introductory offer-a Metageek Wi-Spy RF Spectrum Analyzer. According to the company, this is the smallest wireless DMX technology currently available. No external antennas. A full universe of DMX is supported, both in and out, and the radio technology handles channels and frequencies by itself. The system is the first 2.4GHz product from RC4 Wireless. Components are also available separately and can be added to any system at any time. DMX inputs and outputs meet USITT DMX512/1990 with an RDM-ready hardware design. Future firmware updates will provide RDM functionality, including comprehensive remote setup of RC4-Magic remote dimmers. The DMX output rate is a full 44 frames-per-second with 512 channels and works reliably to 200' non-line-of-sight in typical indoor theatre and entertainment facilities. Each dimmer provides two independent 10A DC outputs with selectable linear or inverse-square-law curve, assignable to any DMX channel. There is no limit to the number of wireless dimmers that can be used in any RC4-Magic system. Every system sold is encoded with a unique ID number, ensuring that multiple systems can operate in the same space without cross-talk. When a transmitter powers up, it scans through all available frequencies in the 2.4GHz band and establishes a presence where there is the least radio congestion and activity. When a receiver powers up, it scans for data encoded with its system ID. In an uncluttered RF environment, ten or more separate systems can co-exist without interference.

For more information, please go to www.theatrewireless.com.

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