Product News: TMB Solaris LED Mozart

Product News: TMB Solaris LED Mozart

Mozart pixel-mapping fixtures, featuring Cree™ LEDs and RDM functionality, are the latest additions to the Solaris LED product range. With settings from three to 48 DMX channels, and one, four, or 16 RGB pixel groups per fixture, the low-profile fixture also features a refresh rate at 38,400Hz, suitable for camera work. Its brightness is approximately 11,000nits, it weighs 1¼lbs, and it is IP65 rated. Various standard and custom cable lengths are available. The power supply is available in two versions: a ProPlex Mini Blue Box format that controls up to 10 fixtures and a 40-fixture RackMount version. The Mini Blue Box is designed for desktop use or truss-mounting with the included yoke.
For more, download for free the January issue of Live Design onto your iPad or iPhone from the Apple App Store or onto your Android smartphone or tablet from Google Play.
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