Product News: Canto Astro Followspot

Product News: Canto Astro Followspot

The Astro Followspot is designed around a 200W LED chipset, available in 3,200K and 5,600K outputs, engineered by Macostar. With a total of four lenses, the fixture is built in modular form to allow for future LED upgrades. Dimming is smooth, with a resolution of 0.01% controlled either by a manual potentiometer or one-channel DMX input. The fixture has a beam angle of 8° to 22°, and power consumption is 227W at full power and 9W in sleep mode. Its LED life is rated at 50,000 hours, and its CRI is >90.
For more, download for free the January issue of Live Design onto your iPad or iPhone from the Apple App Store or onto your Android smartphone or tablet from Google Play.
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