Previsualize Outside The Theater With The Mini Light Lab

Previsualize Outside The Theater With The Mini Light Lab

Mini Light Lab. Set model by Matthew Imhoff

Shannon Schweitzer, lighting design professor at Michigan State University, sought to find a way to render and previsualize lighting designs outside the theater. Thus, he created the Mini Light Lab. 
Schweitzer says that the portable, affordable, miniature light lab is "very helpful teaching students color theory and angles and running and programming a light board." 
The Mini Light Lab fits in small spaces, and can be set up on a stationary surface or rolling cart. It can be hooked up to any lighting console transmitting DMX. The LEDs are low wattage and have a lamp life of over 50,000 hours.
"I have found that set designers find it very useful as well," says Schweitzer. "Several have used it as a means for better photos of their models as well as collaboration between the lighting and set designers."
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