Plot Of The Week: Mike Wood Lights Fiddler On The Roof

Live Design's 2023 Lighting Plot Of The Week series. continues with a focus on Mike Wood's Lighting for Fiddler On The Roof by the City Springs Theatre Company in the Byers Theatre at The Sandy Springs Performing Arts Center, Sandy Springs, GA from October 6-22, 2023. 

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Fiddler on the Roof


"This iteration of Fiddler on the Roof began as a Tik Tok concept video by scenic designer Jacob Olson. It was so much fun to collaborate and to bring this initial idea to life over the past year," says the LD. "The plot was laid out in such a way that we could use the moving houses as natural breakups in the air. Several times throughout the tech process, we had houses moved specifically to be in the path of a light beam. Coupled with the 42’ trim heights of the overhead electrics, this created a sense of immense scale while also making the design feel very natural and elemental."

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Fiddler on the Roof



"Each of the flying houses was outfitted with an Astera NYX bulb as well as RGB led tape to create an internal glow. Most of the show, these bulbs lived in various states of white, but they were able to come to life (no pun intended) during Tevye’s dream sequence, where they took on saturated color and effects," explains Wood.

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Fiddler on the Roof



"The overall lighting design of the show blends the realistic world of Anatevka with the more ethereal world of Tevye’s inner thoughts and conversations with the audience. At the top of the show, we are introduced to a very warm, soft, all-encompassing lighting world. As the show progresses, much of the warmth gets slowly pulled out of our world," says Wood. "The color temperatures become harsher, the angles more defined and severe. The lighting creates a sense of isolation and solitude—until the final moment where a single beam is left and a solitary house flies slowly into the sky."

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Fiddler on the Roof



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Fiddler on the Roof


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Gear List: 

5 Martin Mac Ultra Performance

8 Martin Mac Encore CLD

6 High End Systems Solaframe Theatre

11 High End Systems Solaspot 1000

18 Chauvet R2 Wash

2 Robe BMFL Foillowspot & Lightmaster Controller

88 ETC Lustr Series II27 ETC LED Tungsten Series II

13 Chauvet Ovation WW260

7 ETC Source Four ERS

29 ETC Colorsource Par

8 ETC Source Four Par

2 Stormy Strobe

3 Strike 4

22 Colorforce II-72

12 ETC Colorsource Linear 4-DB

1 MDG aTME Hazer

1 Martin Gladiator Dynamix


Director: Shuler Hensley

Choreographer: Marla Phelan

Music Director: Miles Plant

Scenic Designer: Jacob Olson

Costume Designer: Jeffrey Meek

Lighting Designer: Mike Wood

Sound Designer: Anthony Narciso

Associate Lighting Designer: Toni Sterling

Assistant Lighting Designer: Mack Scales

Production Electrician: Michael “Baracuda” Barahura

Programmer: Will Elphingstone

Head Electrician: Justin Schwartz

Deck Electrician: Charlie Taylor

House Electrician: Phil Wray

Lead Followspot: John Scott Ross

Followspot Op: Allie Rowland

Lighting Apprentice: Em Stripling

Lighting Shop: 4Wall - Tyler Bevel & Phillips Harbarger

Photo Credits: Ben Rose Photography and Mike Wood