New Range of Modular Fresnel Spotlights from Robert Juliat


Robert Juliat has developed a brand new range of 250mm Fresnel lens spotlights, known as Le Cin’k, which gives several modular solutions based around the common component of a removable lamp compartment with interchangeable lamp base.
A single lamp house can accept any of four kinds of lamp bases--accommodating 2,500W tungsten, 5,000W tungsten, 1,200W discharge, or 2,500W discharge lamps--and can therefore be quickly turned into a new spotlight according to requirements. This is especially valuable to rental houses and multipurpose venues and studios.

The power cable connects directly into the rear handle where the terminal is located for easy access during periodical maintenance. There is also a scale pointer and a yoke index for rapid recall of settings. The unit also offers the option of a silent cooling fan that focuses on the accessory slot.

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